For a layman, moving or cloning Joomla website either to a new hosting or a domain can be a tricky undertaking. In order to transfer your site to another hosting, a number of intricate processes must go through from copying files, databases to changing configurations and what not. The entire process must be fool-proof as any complication can make your site, not to mention your online business, go awry. 

If you've made up your mind to move your website to another location, then our Joomla experts can make this toilsome process much simpler with their years of unparalleled experience in Joomla and their unwavering dedication to get the work done flawlessly. 

Although the overall procedure involves many complex processes, we've tried to list them below in a straightforward manner:

  • Download the Joomla website, ideally through FTP
  • Transfer your database
  • Uploading your downloaded Joomla site to the new location
  • Import the database into a new database
  • Then, changing the configuration.php to point to the new installation and database

If you're looking forward to duplicating or moving your Joomla website, then our Joomla experts are sure to come in much handy. We always make sure to reduce the downtown to its minimum and give you a seamless cloning or migration at a price which is exceedingly economical. On top of that, we're always thrilled to work with our new clients. 

Assign this task now and lean back while we do the legwork work for you. is on a mission to render superlative and affordable web services at the touch of a button. No pre-sale hassles, freelancers or tedious back & forth emails have been kept in the equation to give you a peace of mind and get highest-quality work done in the twinkling of the eye.

We adopt a no-nonsense approach to realize the most productive yet cost-effective solutions which are sure shot to deliver success to all your online ventures. In us, you'll find the most felicitous creative designers & web developers to end all your web miseries.

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