Today, we're in the middle of some of the most obnoxious cyber crises the world has ever witnessed. WannaCry ransomware, the recent online catastrophe, made many well-known businesses come down on their knees. 

Joomla, being one of the most touted content management systems, is also not preserved from these ever-growing online shenanigans. Since corporates normally prefer to build their websites on Joomla, hackers are always trying their level best to break into this highly-shielded website platform. 

When it comes to Joomla, the years of experience our Joomla experts hold is commendable. From top to very bottom, our Joomla website security audit is all-inclusive - giving you a detailed report on every element involved in your online existence. 

What are we going to do to help?

  • Exhaustive analysis of your Joomla website's setup
  • Extensions, modules, and components review for known vulnerabilities
  • Upgrade recommendations wherever required
  • Proactive analysis of your server and existing security measures
  • Review your Joomla website for known suspicious activities and malware
  • Ensuring your Joomla core is up-to-date and not modified in any way
  • Making sure the passwords of your users' accounts are strong
  • Checking for any backdoors
  • Ensuring your hosting platform is secure

And, why go with us for Joomla website security audit?

Our Joomla website security audit service offers astonishing value for money. Our Joomla security audit will help in mitigating the probability of your Joomla website from getting hacked. 

Best-in-the-class Joomla experts that we've hand-picked will provide you with a comprehensive audit report which will include every weakness that your website possesses and what you can do to alleviate them. 

In all, you'll get every pertinent information to make your Joomla website secure and fool-proof from any unwanted entity lurking out there gazing out to compromise your online reputation. 

For the best and affordable Joomla website security audit, assign this task now. is on a mission to render superlative and affordable web services at the touch of a button. No pre-sale hassles, freelancers or tedious back & forth emails have been kept in the equation to give you a peace of mind and get highest-quality work done in the twinkling of the eye.

We adopt a no-nonsense approach to realize the most productive yet cost-effective solutions which are sure shot to deliver success to all your online ventures. In us, you'll find the most felicitous creative designers & web developers to end all your web miseries.

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